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Susanne Severeid -
Author, Actor, Presenter
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   — Susanne
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Author/Actor Susanne Severeid

photo : Beatrice Angela Jacobs

Susanne Severeid & Tim Kelly Late to Lov

Susanne Severeid

 is available for performing, public  appearances, presenting, author talks, and voice-over work.  Contact

     Susanne has enjoyed a busy and versatile career, spanning TV, film, radio, stage, and chairing major conventions in Europe.  She is an accomplished author, interviewer and  television & radio presenter. 

      Susanne began her career at nineteen as a model in Los Angeles, quickly working her way up as the "California girl" in major print and  TV commercial campaigns...   read more                             

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"Susanne's beautiful writing provides renewal and hope in these crazy times."

John Darling, journalist/author


Staged reading of Late to Love, a full-length play co-written by Susanne Severeid & Tim Kelly.

"Ms.Severeid is luminous as Maggie, a world-weary doctor struggling to find a reason to keep fighting what she sees as a losing battle."

Theatre Review, Sneak Preview, Ashland, Oregon

Brewed awakening: Severeid publishes book


​     Susanne Severeid’s “musings” may be hatched at her ease in Ashland coffee shops “like a dollop of cream on a pie,” but they get at gritty life questions, celebrate friendships and, with 41 columns appearing in the Tidings over the years, have prompted many readers to “get off their butt and do something different, rather than slipping into a rut of monotony.”

Her just-out book, “Mocha Musings: Reflections on Life, Love and Chance Encounters” is a charming, accessible collection of essays, starting appropriately, with her arrival in town, sitting alone in a cafe, watching a gaggle of women warmly chatting it up and realizing how she longed for that closeness, trust and friendship.

     It’s touching. It’s real. Like many of her portraits of life, it’s poignantly painful, yet embraces a simple situation with honesty until the beautiful bones of it show.

     She had just been through some of life’s traumas and was rebuilding a new life. She writes how the women talk about trials and joys, teasing each other, laughing, then confesses, “I watched this little group across the room for some time as I stirred my mocha, all of them so different and yet so connected and supportive of one another and I thought: I’m going to have that one day.”

     And she did.

     Asked her favorite stories, she says “Synching With a Slower Clock,” about visiting her 93-year old father and watching him move the lawn sprinkler and recalling camping trips with him in the High Sierra.

     Another favorite is her “For the Love of Books,” and how she needs the tactile and olfactory meshing with them while in coffee shops or airports, even needs and loves the bookmarks, one of which quotes Whitman: “Now I know the secret of the making of the best persons. It is to grow in the open air and to eat and sleep with the earth.”

Severeid got her start with a trio of guest editorials — on grief after the death of her husband, on seeing the Dalai Lama’s compassion in person — and one on our mundane and often maddening relationship with (ready?) cell phone service.

     “I wanted the essays to stick around longer and have a good shelf life and be savored a bit longer,” she notes. “I write about slices of life, splinters of truth, insights into the human condition that I find illuminating and sometimes humorous, poignant and (since the 2016 election) political.”

     She observes..."It’s important to have women’s voices because they bring something different to the table. You see all these action films with fistfights in bars, but we don’t do that. We offer a heightened sense of compassion and a different skill set for solving problems.”

     Severeid has been a model, TV-radio personality, university teacher, playwright. Her play, “Late to Love” was recently produced here.


Susanne Severeid - photo Beatrice Jacobs

I read one piece each morning ... a great way to start the day.Sets one in a creative, thoughtful and positive mood.

Love the journeys she takes me. Makes a wonderful gift too."

Sue Wilson, Artist

"Mocha Musings is about how to live well, wherever you are. Told with a writer’s eye  for the telling detail, these stories

are also relaxed, as if you were having coffee with a wise friend."

Craig Comstock, author,

Better Ways to Live, Enlarging Our

Comfort Zones, Huffington Post 

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Susanne Severeid - all rights reserved

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