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Susanne Severeid began her career at nineteen as a model in Los Angeles and soon became  the on-camera spokesperson in television commericals for many name brand products.  

She got her first major break hosting two ABC-TV specials on the mammoth California Jam 2 Rock Concert, (350,000 people in attendance), with co-host, actor Jeff Conaway.  She also guest-starred and acted in popular television shows and films, including CHIPS, T.J. Hooker, Santa Barbara, Howling  IV, and others.




Susanne has anchored, narrated, and co-produced television and radio documentaries, including the EMMY Award-winning PBS-TV special, C.A.N.D.L.E.S., The Story of the Mengele Twins.  She has been the on-camera spokesperson for scores of corporate films and voice-overs.


She has chaired major business conferences in Europe and was the anchor for Global News, ABN-AMRO Bank's international business news program.  She taught public speaking and presentational skills in the International Relations Department of the University of Amsterdam; her classes were so popular there was often a lottery in order to participate. 


Susanne was an international reporter and contributor for World Broadcasting (Wereld Omroep) with 100 million listeners worldwide; her interviews and radio pieces have aired internationally over wire services and broadcasting networks, including ABC News, CBC, and NPR.  She had a one-woman cabaret show in Europe, The Days of Dietrich, in which she sang the songs of Marlene Dietrich (in four languages), as well as her own jazz radio program, Susanne on Sunday, and Courageous Grief Talk.

Susanne is a published author in both fiction and non-fiction.  Her latest book is "Be the Author of Your Life! Writing & Self-Publishing the Book of Your Dreams."  Other books include "Mocha Musings: Reflections on life, love, and chance encounters," " When Someone You Love Is Dying: Some Thoughts To Help You Through," and "The Death of Milly Mahoney."





Author/Actor Susanne Severeid

Photo ©Beatrice Angela Jacobs Photography





Performer / Voice overs

Photo ©Pam Danielle Photography


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