Some photos from Susanne's work, including an Emmy Award-winning PBS-TV documentary, as chair & emcee, her one-woman cabaret show, sold-out author appearances, international journalism in radio & television, and some fun stuff.

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Authors Winona LaDuke & Susanne Severeid, 2017

Susanne Severeid, Ashland Library booksigning, Dec 2016

Political folk singer, Roy Zimmerman & Susanne Severeid, 2016.

Eva Kor and Susanne Severeid
Eva Kor and Susanne Severeid

Auschwitz survivor Eva Kor, founder CANDLES Holocaust Museum, and Susanne Severeid, host of PBS TV Show, "CANDLES".

Susanne Severeid & host of Jefferson Exchange, Geoffrey Riley, JPR 2017

Author Susanne Severeid signs copies of her murder mystery, The Death of Milly Mahoney, at the Olympic Theatre Arts in Washington. All books quickly sold out. photo: tony van

Susanne Severeid interviews Ellen Kuzwayo, South African Anti-Apartheid & human rights activist, member of Parliament, and recipient of "Woman of the Year" award, as she signs a copy of her memoir, "Call Me Woman," to Susanne.

Author Susanne Severeid with her dog, Bear. photo: tony van

Author Susanne Severeid at Barnes & Noble book signing for her murder mystery, The Death of Milly Mahoney. photo: bea jacobs

Author Susanne Severeid. photo courtesy: Sequim Gazette

Susanne Severeid & GeorgeBurns
Susanne Severeid & GeorgeBurns

Actress Susanne Severeid and comedian George Burns during a break on the set of a TV commercial shoot in Los Angeles.

Susanne Severeid with James Coburn at Earth Day-Malibu ((audience of 10,000), which Susanne emcee'd onstage. photo: tony van

Susanne Severeid in publicity still from her one-woman show, "Days of Dietrich," in which she sang the songs of Marlene Dietrich.

Susanne Severeid, onstage Master of Ceremonies for Earth Day- Malibu, with celebrity guest, Lloyd Bridges. photo: tony van

Eva Kor, Auschwitz survivor, and Susanne Severeid on location in Auschwitz, Poland while filming, "CANDLES, the Story of the Mengele Twins. Kor produced and Severeid hosted & narrated the Emmy Award-winning PBS-TV special.

Emmy award for PBS TV show CANDLES, The Story of the Mengele Twins, which Susanne Severeid hosted and narrated.

ABN-AMRO bank chairman, Jan Kalff, is interviewed by Global News anchor Susanne Severeid in Amsterdam.

Susanne Severeid interviews David Hasselhof for ABC-TV during the Cal Jam 2 Rock Concert in Southern California. photo: tony van

Susanne Severeid chairs and moderates panel discussion for major European Conference in The Netherlands.

Susanne Severeid reporting from a plane on pollution in the North Sea for The Netherlands Ministry of Water..

Susanne Severeid with Larry Hagman onstage for a major Malibu fundraiser. photo: tony van

Susanne Severeid with Kris Kristofferson at Malibu fundraiser. foto: Tony Van

Susanne Severeid's first major modeling ad.

Susanne Severeid & Phil Proctor (of Firesign Theatre) shooting a commercial. foto: Tony Van

Actress Susanne Severeid in Malibu. foto: Tony Van

Susanne Severeid on a billboard in L.A. during her modeling days.

Susanne Severeid's first major break as on-camera host for the ABC-TV Specials (with co-host Jeff Conaway) for Cal Jam 2 Rock Concert, the world's largest rock concert at the time held at the Ontario Motor Speedway in Southern California. foto: Tony Van foto: Tony Van

Actress Susanne Severeid and Jeff Conaway ("Grease", "Taxi") team up again after ten years, after first working together as co-hosts for the ABC-TV Cal Jam 2 Rock Concerts. photo: tony van

Actress Susanne Severeid, as Sister Janet, is pranked by a special effects man on the set of Howling IV. foto: Tony Van

Susanne Severeid (left) guest stars on the popular Dutch TV show, Zeg 'ns Aaa , with Dutch actress Carry Tefsen.

Actress Susanne Severeid starring as Sister Janice in the werewolf film, "Howling IV", directed by John Hough. foto: Tony Van

Susanne Severeid singing at the Hollywood Roosevelt Cinegrill during her sold-out performance of "Days of Dietrich". foto: Tony Van

Erik Estrada & Susanne Severeid
Erik Estrada & Susanne Severeid

Erik Estrada and Susanne Severeid shooting an episode of CHiPS for NBC. Susanne guest-starred as Ponch's girlfriend on the hit TV show. photo: Tony Van

Susanne Severeid's name in lights on Hollywood Blvd, when she performed her sold-out, one-woman cabaret show, "Days of Dietrich," at the famed Cinegrill in the historic Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel.

Dutch actor Wim Zomer & Susanne Severeid starring together in "Good Times, Bad Times", the longest-running nighttime soap in The Netherlands. Susanne was the first American actress ever cast in the show, playing the role of Yolande van Lier in 56 episodes of the enormously popular show.

Susanne Severeid being prepared for a major television commercial shoot for Vitabath (Badedas). photo: tony van

Susanne Severeid singing onstage during her "Days of Dietrich" one-woman cabaret show on the life of Marlene Dietrich. foto: Tony Van

Susanne Severeid sings one of the songs from her "Days of Dietrich" cabaret show in Europe. foto: Tony Van

Susanne Severeid as young model in Southern California. foto: Tony Van



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