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Books by Susanne Severeid

Be the Author final cover.jpg

Be The Author Of Your Life!

Writing and Self-Publishing

the Book of Your Dreams

Offers invaluable advice and information on how to focus your energy and creative juices and get your book written and into print.

"An easily readable guide to inspire and open doors

for the new writer..."      John Darling for the Ashland Tidings

"Need to unblock the block? This is the book for you." Amazon customer review


Mocha Musings:

Reflections on life, love,

and chance encounters

"Susanne's writing is a sweet, lyrical gift handed to us with warm, inclusive caring and a dash of humor...her beautiful writing provides renewal and hope in these crazy times."

John Darling, journalist/author

"Susanne Severeid is that rare writer...she offers balanced, insightful, informative essays that reflect not only knowledge, but also soul."

Bert Etling, editor


"Love the journeys she takes me.. Makes a wonderful gift, too."

Sue Wilson, artist

Praise for When Someone You Love Is Dying

"A first of it's kind and a much-needed book."


"A gem, in thoughts, words,

and images."

"Tenderly empowering, the book offers ways to make the time remaining-time worth living

and loving."

"Beautiful book with wisdom from an author who knows this territory intimately.  

The photography is stunning, too!" 

"Definitely a book to get if you find yourself care-taking a dying beloved."

"For anyone struggling with losing someone you love, this book will help guide you with compassion and beauty."

"Sure to encourage and guide anyone loving someone who is approaching death."

"I highly recommend this book for anyone hoping to make the time you have left together as memorable and love-filled as your lives together were."

When Someone You Love Is Dying:
Some Thoughts to Help You Through

Offers simple thoughts to help you and your family navigate through what is perhaps the most difficult thing any of us will ever be called upon to do: to be there while someone you love deeply is dying.


This is a book for anyone who can use support during this time in your lives. Beautifully illustrated with photographs of nature and inspired by Susanne’s own experience. 

Email us here about quantity discounts.

An excellent resource for Hospice Programs.


Susanne Severeid as guest on The Jefferson Exchange with host Geoffrey Riley, JPR

Rogue Valley Author Offers Support To People Grieving


Listen to Susanne Severeid's radio interview on The Jefferson Exchange, JPR radio, January 2017.

"We all lose someone to death sometime.  That knowledge does not really help with the grief, though. 

Words of comfort can... the kind that Ashland's Susanne Severeid offers in her book When Someone You Love is Dying

Her own experience with her husband's death inspired Severeid to provide the book of prose and nature photographs.  She visits with details of the project and highlights from the book." --JPR


Awards and Praise for

The Death of Milly Mahoney

Literary Award, Published Fiction, Arizona Authors

AssociationEditors' & Readers' Choice

Highlighted Title by Independent Publishers

Online Book of the Month

The Literary Sleuth Mystery Book Club


"Absolutely fabulous!  Intelligent and, in terms of police expertise and investigation, right on a revealing position of the sad truth at times existing in American justice.  Severeid has done her homework well."

~Stan Nelson, former detective/Police Commissioner, LAPD/DEA


"Superb and extremely engaging. A great book. I am in awe of how the plot is so well thought out and holds together."

~ Phyllis Karas, author, The Onassis Women, Street Soldier, and Brutal: The Untold Story of My Life Inside Whitey Bulger's South Boston Mob


"I couldn't put it down. A sexy and suspense-filled read.  For her first literary novel, Susanne Severeid has definitely mastered the art of suspense."

~Laurel Druley, reviewer, KNAU-NPR Public Radio


"In a brilliant style of gripping suspense, Severeid unveils the masks of evil in high society which only her courage and humanity redeems...a literary triumph."

~ Benjamin Herson, author, Journey of a Soul


"...I loved it.  Susanne Severeid has churned out a tasty little mystery, with all the Grafton-esque hooks that keep the pages turning.  Milly dumps you into the deep end of Southern California's sleaze and doesn't toss you a life preserver.  While the book is clever and funny, it's fairly gritty, too, and keeps the punches--and surprises--coming right from the first few pages.  Just load on the sunblock; once you start reading, you'll lose track of time.

~ POD-DY Mouth, Blog Review


" Beautifully written...from the opening pages, Severeid's book promises fun and intrigue; a book everyone, not just mystery lovers, will find a treat to read."

~ Greta Manville, Coordinator, Arizona Authors Assn Awards


"A fine novel.  'Milly' grabs your attention from the start, with well-crafted characters, a plot that twists and turns, and a conclusion that satisfies."

~ Karen Hanen, Art Beat, KONP Radio

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