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Books by Susanne Severeid

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The Death of Milly Mahoney : The Ghosts of Time
by Susanne Severeid

“A captivating, intelligent mystery…The Death of Milly Mahoney is a gritty, exciting and thought provoking wake-up call about the hypocrisy of the ‘system.’”

~ Don Trent Jacobs, Ph.D., Ed.D., author of Primal Awareness, The Bum’s Rush, & Teaching Virtues


What a fun read and a really welcome addition to the thin ranks of good female detective books. As someone familiar with L.A. and Malibu, for me, Trix Donovan's quest for truth through SoCal's social stata was like hitching a ride on a runaway-roller-coaster-tour bus with a murderer on board. Look out Sue Grafton; you may have just run out of letters. More Trix Donovan, Ms. Severeid. More!

~ John C. Cronin

Just Out - Now available
on Amazon both in print and e-book!
When Someone You Love is Dying

Some Thoughts to Help You Through

32 pages

By Susanne Severeid

Photography by Pablo van Renterghem


This beautiful little book interweaves wisdom and stunning photographs...for anyone struggling with losing a loved one, When Someone You Love Is Dying will help guide you with compassion and beauty.


"Simple and beautiful.  It contains all of the information necessary to ease and comfort a loved one at the end of life.  A first of its kind and a much-needed book."                                               E. Berman, Caregiver, State of Oregon


"This mother and son team have created a treasure of heart-touching images and hard-won words of wisdom, sure to encourage and guide anyone loving someone who is approaching death."                                Fern Snogren, LCSW, MA, CHT

I couldn't put it down. A sexy and suspense-filled read.  For her first literary novel, Susanne Severeid has definitely mastered the art of suspense.   ~ Laurel Druley, reviewer, KNAU-NPR Public Radio

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