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The Haiku of a Chance Meeting

I was sitting in one of my favorite Ashland coffee shops, sipping my mocha and writing on a lined, yellow legal pad. A man sitting in a chair across from me asked, “Are you writing poetry?” <read more>

Dalai Lama's Words to Schoolchildren Were Memorable

This was one of the most amazing days of my life. I hope that, years from now, our young son will look back and feel the same way.  <read more>


Words to Say for Sorrow

How often have we tossed out a careless remark that stung, whether we meant it to or not? In our everyday lives, we are probably guilty of this more often than we would like to admit; after all, we're only human. But when someone is grieving, at such a time of vulnerability and pain, words have the power to comfort or to leave deep wounds. <read more>


Why must Phone Service Be So Bad?

Does anyone but me ever wonder what happened to the world we used to know? You know, the common-sense world back when we all got a monthly telephone bill for about $29.95, and when we didn't spend hours talking with reps pretending to give us something we used to call "customer service?"  <read more>



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