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Susanne takes questions from the audience at a book signing, Bloomsbury Books, Ashland. 

Available at Bloomsbury Books, Ashland OR

Listen here to Susanne's audio interview about her book and overcoming grief, as guest author on Geoffrey Riley's morning show The Jefferson Exchange, JPR radio.

Praise for another of Susanne’s books
"A gem, in thoughts, words, and images."
"Tenderly empowering."
"A tender companion for those who are going through the most difficult time in life."


When Someone You Love Is Dying:

Some Thoughts to Help You Through 

offers simple thoughts to help you and your family navigate through what is perhaps the most difficult thing any of us will ever be called upon to do, to be there while someone you love deeply is dying. This is a book for anyone who can use support during this time in your lives. Beautifully illustrated with photographs of nature and inspired by Susanne’s own experience.  (learn  more)

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